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Ameral International is a manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses.  We offer value added, prototype, Kan-Ban and large scale manufacturing.  We can complete your products from start to finish.  The following list provides the majority of assemblies, harnesses and other applications Ameral is proud to offer their customers:

 Aerospace assemblies & harnesses

 Fiber Optic assemblies

 Analog & Digital cable assemblies Military assemblies & harnesses

 Audio & Video cable assemblies

 Medical cable assemblies
 Coaxial / RF cable assemblies
 Molded cable assemblies
 Coil Cord assemblies
 Network & Communications cables
 Custom cable assemblies
 Power cord assemblies
 DIN & MINI DIN assemblies
 Ribbon (flat or round) assemblies
 Electronic assemblies & sub-assemblies USB cable assemblies
 Electro-Mechanical assemblies Turn-Key manufacturing
 Fan assemblies Value Added assemblies

 Transportation Industry assemblies & 

 Box builds

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