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What is ACES?

ACES is Ameral International Inc.'s new sales division strictly devoted to the gaming industry.  We offer a variety of items that are listed in our website.  The items are broken down the following categories:  Cables, Displays, Touchscreen Protectors, Lights (CCFL) , Locks, Other , PCBs, Power (supplies and accessories) and, Readers.  We are expanding our distribution lines to meet your growing demand for new and replacement parts.  You can now purchase some of our products online and use a PO as payment.  Once you set-up an online account you can check the status of your orders.  If you do not see an item on the website that you would; call or email us for a quote.  At Ameral, a majority of the cables and items we manufacture are custom for our customers.

Customer Benefits:

  • Buy online with a PO and use your own shipping account to save in freight
  • Same exceptional service with additional staff dedicated to gaming customers 
  • Expanded distribution line of gaming products
  • Inhouse maunfacturing of cable assemblies and harnesses 

ACSC/SDS IVEW™ Auto Detecting 6.2" Touchscreen

1. Plug and Play - will automatically identify any IVIEW™ that it is connected with

2. Works with the following systems:

  • Bally/ACSC - IVIEW™ 1,2 and 3
  • Bally/SDS - IVIEW™ 2 and 3
3. Screen is backlit with an LED

4. Increased Player visibility and vibrant colors.

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AMC 3217-2  Replacement Cable for MEI Bezel/Card Reader Unit

 Is your Aristocrat Viridian™ or Helix™ MEI money collection unit not working properly?

Try replacing the cable instead of using the MEI Bezel Kit and save money.

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*ACES is a division of Ameral International, Inc.