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Main Category : Casino/Gaming / Cables
AMC 1XX - Custom Cable Assemblies
AMC 3217-2
Replacement Cable for MEI Bezel/Card Reader Unit
AMC 164
01S-68760-ADP (Power Supply Cable)
AMC 165
01S-61060-CDR (Card Reader Cable)
AMC 178
01S-68320-UDP (8" Communication Cable)
AMC 69X60-CDR (Card Reader Series Cables)
01S-69260-CDR (22" Card Reader Cable)
AMC 69X60-IVW (Ribbon Cable Series)
01S-69260-IVW (22" Ribbon Cable)
AMC 96X20-XXX (Tri Color LED Cable Series)
01S-96220-XXX (22" Tri Color LED Cable)
AMC 101
AMC 102
AMC 103

Orders received after 2 pm EST will be processed the next day.  
All cable orders are built to order and will take 3-4 weeks to complete.